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Its all 'Free'

AME Bioscience is changing. Now what we know is available for 'Free' as a service to any laboratory.

With 20 years of sourcing and servicing life science equipment we have a few contacts, not only for pre-owned equipment but for new, novel systems.

We are opening our books and providing direct access to our network. It is 'free'.

When I say 'free', we do not invoice directly for the connections or sources we provide. However if you get value from the information we ask you to make a payment at whatever level you feel that value has been to provide you with a saving or faster access to a technology.

All we will do is provide you with details. The rest is up to you. If you get no value don't pay. If you get value and don't pay, that is your choice.

If you do get value and you want to pay for that, the 'Value Fee' can be paid online through our site, click here

We have sourced many alternatives for DNA and Protein analysis throughout the years. We have introduced novel products from what were new companies to various markets in Europe. Our knowledge-base has many sources of new products for DNA analysis and protein analysis. Also credible companies for pre-owned equipment, including general lab equipment. In addition we have contact with service engineers who work independently and some application support specialists.

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