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Reserve Genotyping Kits

Our schedule is to start shipping our genotyping kits from the week commencing 8th March

If you think you would like kits you can reserve them through the form below.

When we are ready to ship we will advise you and send you a payment request.

The kits will ship on blue ice or dry ice depending on your location. If you have a Courier account you can ship on that account otherwise we will use our account and add the shipping charge to your payment.

Payment will only be requested when we are ready to ship your order.

The kits are in packs of 24 tests. 

Each kits contains enough reagents for 24 reactions. 

Each variant genotype requires one reaction tube.

No RNA Extraction is required.

Each kit contains enough reagents for:

24 standard detection assays detecting all of the variants through the N and Orf1ab gene.


24 detection assays of one of the variants, B.1.1.7 (UK) or 501Y.V2 (South Africa) or P.1 (Brazil)


Any combination of those variants and standard detection assays.

So if you want to test a positive sample for all of the variants, that will use up one assay reaction per variant.

Each kit contains

Mastermix, positive & negative controls, buffer, primer/probe mixes for N and Orf1ab gene plus for the variants as indicated above. NO RNA EXTRACTION IS REQUIRED


PRICING Packages (Inquire for prices)

Upto 5760 tests    (24 tests per pack)                                                              

From 5761 - 11520 tests    (24 tests per pack)                                                 

From 11521 tests and above     (24 tests per pack)                                          

Kit Reservation, please complete the form below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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