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Celemics Inc. Interview with Dr. Hyoki Kim, co-CEO.

In part one of this interview Dr. Kim explains the NGS target enrichment technologies developed by Celemics who are the market leader in South Korea. The company is expanding rapidly internationally.

He highlights the differences in their technology, specifically how validation on samples of Custom Panels after re-balancing ensures customers receive the kit they need that works 'out of the box'. I know from several discussions this saves NGS users weeks of testing when they buy kits that have only in-silico re-balancing.

In part two (to be published later) Dr. Kim discusses a new technology which is about to be released BTSeq. They have developed a new enzyme and bar coding method that enables long read, high fidelity sequencing on standard NGS platforms. This provides speed, accuracy and read lengths that will replace Sanger sequencing for some applications. In addition he discusses TrueRepertoire, their proprietary algorithms and synthesis technology that is used to provide a service to the biopharma industry which utilises NGS for discovering and developing antibodies.

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