You know us or of us through 20 years as a provider of DNA and protein analysis systems or for introducing novel new technologies from new companies.

We now have no lists of instruments on our website, although we have access to many technologies.

Read on to find out more.

What we offer is 'free' access to our knowledge base

(the description is short it is not complicated or with loads of text)

A researcher gets a new grant, a new company is founded, both have ideas and concepts to take forwards.

Unless your idea or concept is tied to a specific manufacturers platform which commands a premium price, do you need to follow the herd? You have a finite resource in the grant or start up cash. What is important, the shiny object of an instrument


publications for a researcher or products developed and launched on the market for a start up?

The list below is what we focus on. If it is your focus can we help?

  1. Results

  2. Time to generate results

  3. Product support

  4. Applications support

  5. Running costs


If your focus is publications or developing products / services and you need products to achieve that, click here and set up a call. We can help.

We identify the instrument, reagent, service and system options to give you the results you want at lower cost.

Although it is 'free' we provide an option of payment though a 'Value Fee'.

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Looking For

Are you are looking for alternative technology sources, new or pre-owned?

Want some input if you have decided to buy a new instrument or system?


Quizzes to get you the right information. 

Buying New

So, what are you looking for? An Instrument, Technologies, Systems?

What are the most important criteria? Is it the manufacturer of a specific technology?

Most people who contact us think they are looking for a specific manufacturer.

They want a demo unit or a refurbished product as they want to save money.

Saving money is important. Is the following also important?


  1. Results

  2. Time to generate results

  3. Product support

  4. Applications support

  5. Running costs

  6. Brand of supplier

  7. Prestige of instrument brand purchase


If your top criteria are points 6 and 7. We can still help you. But please continue to read the rest of this page. We think points 1 - 5 are significant and the solution to the problem is not always as automatic as you may initially think. 

If your answer is the shiny object of a specific instrument manufacturer, why not call the preferred manufacturer and ask for a discount.

Don’t waste your time with anything else. (If you don't get a discount set up a call with us)

Make sure you purchase the system with the right to re-sell the instrument when you no longer need it to ANYONE, without the manufacturer threatening you or the buyer with additional software license charges. (Re charging for a software license which is an integral part of the instrument system is contra to EU regulations if you are in the EU).

Ensure that they adhere to the obsolescence regulations (in the EU it is 10 years from publishing the initial announcement). Technology changes but then the taxpayer or an investor who is paying $500,000 for technology which has an obsolescence letter issued after 3 years with a withdrawal of consumables after 5 years……...without recourse, that is unfair to say the least. Get this in writing and save the document!

Change the dynamics.

Why do so many think the supplier has all 'the cards' in their favour?

Are the loudest companies always worth following? (Our answer is no) 

Are there alternatives? (Our answer is definitely yes)

An observation re. the recent covid19 responses. The company that claims to serve science worldwide, where were they in January / February with their real Time PCR kits? It appeared that only after political pressure and the lure of commercial benefits they decided to contribute. Then our social media is inundated with how much they are supporting the effort.

Why flock to these companies? Other than they are an established brand. There is no indication they have as good a product as the companies who acted and developed the tests / assays first.

The best validated products were possibly South Korean, available and ready to use.

Great and often better solutions to a problem are available from sources other than the one that shouts the loudest. Products you may not be aware of today.

Products that get you better results, sooner and for less cost.

So, again the question: what do you really want? Why are you at this website?

If your focus is on getting the research you have just had funded moving, or your new company to be developing and making its commercial products, set up a call with us.


If the shiny box of the loudest voice is the best and or only option for you, we will tell you.

We may even be able to source it for you. 

Depending on the system you want to buy new, we may have input which will help you pay less than you have been quoted. If you want help with that get your price quote from the supplier before calling us.

Then set up a call with us. Click this link

Who wants to control their process to get results?

Most researchers and start ups want to move and get on with developing their ideas and concepts. 

What happens when the project finishes or the funding dries up? 

In many instances funding or investment continues, but the instruments 'assets’ purchased initially are no longer required. 

These are assets and have a value, why keep them unused?

You can realise additional funds if you sell them, that income can pay or partly pay the salary of someone or provide funding for technology / consumables that are needed now.

You personally don’t have to sell it. There are companies that will do that for you.

If you want to know more, set up a call with us.


So what is important for you?

Shiny, prestige instruments or Results?


If you want results and are open on how to get them, whether that involves buying instrumentation and consumables (NGS library prep is a great area where money is wasted needlessly) or simply finding the best way to get from A - B for your research or product development, invest 30 minutes in a call with us. We have no connections to instrument companies, but we have an interest in life science technologies. Click to set up a call.


What does it cost?


There is no set fee.

If you get value from working with us, you pay us what you think the value is. 

If you abuse our service that is your choice. You’ll only do it once.

We will send you an email with details of how you can pay, if you received value. When we receive a payment from you we will sent you an invoice receipt for your accounts.


If RESULTS = Savings, click to set up a call with us.

If RESULTS = being the same as others with shiny instruments, call the manufacturer.


Everyone is using manufacturer X, I have to use that……...baa baa baa

Let's assume you are focussed on results. 

Manufacturer X is possibly the best marketer rather than the manufacturer or technology solution for your problem.

If you want results, you have thought of what is the best source for getting those results within the timescale you need them? What are the alternatives?


If you got this far and stuck with us, click and set up a call, you can call to disagree, challenge, chastise that is your option. If you have time to waste on that we can listen to you. 

If however you are more interested in getting RESULTS and want input on systems / solutions which may give you that faster and for less money we'll tell you what we know and where you can source that.

If we can help we will. If we can’t we’ll tell you.

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