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Sales & marketing resources

 for Life Science Products & Services 

For Life Science Companies

We provide access to a network of independent technical and sales development consultants that help you increase sales in markets where you have no direct business development and where you have decided not to develop a Distributor sales channel.

This provides you access to new markets or expand market tests with some products without the full upfront expense.

We match the skills of the independent consultants with the requirements of your sales development project.

Independent Business Developers

We work with to help our clients develop new business channels for products they want to do market tests with and in markets where they have decided not to sell direct or through a Distributor.

The people we work with as independent business advisor work for themselves. Some are Phd students or post docs who would like to begin working part of the their time in a commercial life science environment. Others are independent sales and business development professionals who have capacity to take on additional projects.

We match the skills of our independent business developers with the requirements of our clients projects.

Flexible Resources that Develop Life Science Business

 Our customers are life science instrument, reagent/consumable and services companies who want to generate additional revenues from markets or products they have not focussed on or have limited resources in which to develop those markets or products. We have over 30 years of commercial experience of life science technologies sales and marketing.

Organisations work with us to access that experience and generate additional revenue. Our service offers a low risk, low cost option with the potential of high reward for both the companies we offer our services to and also for the independent consultants who register with us.

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