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Covid-19 RNA Extraction Free
Sars-Cov-2 PCR Detection......stay tuned for more, post covid
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Rapid PCR Results in 30 minutes.
Rapid CE Certified PCR Covid-19 test systems

At AME Bioscience from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic we have been asked to source 'slow' real time PCR systems for brands such as Applied Biosystems, Roche and Biorad

We now have what we believe are better alternatives.

With options for kits compatible with those brands but which provide results sooner.

We also have alternatives with instruments and kits that offer results within 30 minutes, including a novel point of care device which is pocket sized.

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Value & Service Resource for every Laboratory

 Our customers are pharmaceutical, research, clinical and analytical organisations. We have over 30 years of commercial experience of capital equipment sales and marketing. Organisations work with us to access that experience and generate additional revenue into their organisations when they ask us to find a buyer or to save money on equipment when they buy using our service.

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