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What is it and How does it work?

The Virtual Sales Development Consultant is a resource of technically competent sales people for life science products who will represent your product as the sales professional in a designated country or region.

They are paid by commission only. As a supplier you have no day to day sales costs, other than providing a commission on sales. 

This is particularly useful where a company does not want to use Distributors, where they want to do some work to understand market potential.

  • Typically you are an emerging company that has not developed a sales force yet but want to start sales quickly.

  • Or you have an established sales group but have not entered into some smaller markets and now is the time to look at the potential.

There are many reasons manufacturers / suppliers choose this sales solution. 

If you have a challenge to develop your sales in a country / region, this offers you a no risk option to start extending and building your market reach.

Virtual Sales Development Consultants

Focused on your products

Technically competent

Test new markets

Cost / Performance benefit

Click on the link below and let us know more about your requirements.

Our virtual sales force provides you with dedicated sales resources in markets where you want to add selling resources (We also have applications support resources).

Let us know the countries / regions you want to develop with details of the product(s) you want to develop sales for.

Your virtual sales people will focus on your products.

You will provide some on-line training and relevant sales material.

Terms are agreed directly with you prior to any your virtual sales project commencing.

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