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We work with independent sales and business development consultants. They are compensated to a high level which is 100% based on success. 

Our consultants are often recent graduates, current Phd students or Post-Docs who are looking at the option of working in the commercial side of life sciences but would like to try before committing themselves and earning some additional income.

We also work with an increasing number of independent sales consultants who have a strong life science background and have worked on sales projects previously as employees of larger companies.

In our process we interview all applicants and provide basic training. You join our group of independent consultants who work on defined products and technologies depending on the requirements in your country or region. Compensation is 100% results based.

Below are some of the project we are working on that could benefit from additional agents.

We have many projects throughout Europe. Although your country may not be listed in these projects we have others and will have others. If the opportunity to develop additional income and taking the first step into the commercial side of life science, then please register with us. 

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