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Elga PureLab Flex 3 

The system is in excellent condition 

Location - Sweden

The system includes:

- PureLab Filtration System

The Purelab flex 3 polishes Tap water to Ultrapure Type I water in one step. The intuitive to use, but sophisticated hand dispenser allows you to precisely dispense any chosen specific volume of water, at the exact quality you need.


  • Absolute water purity of up to 18.2 Megaohm-cm

  • Delivers < 2 liters per minute a day of Type I ultrapure water and Type III RO water

  • Intuitive to use, ergonomic handset design

  • Clear water purity display for absolute confidence as you dispense

  • Realtime TOC monitoring for critical analytical applications

  • Prioritized information shown at all times (system status, TOC, alarm)

  • Flexible dispensing in four different ways

Customers said

ATG Labs, Greece

"ATG Labs and AME Bioscience have worked together for many years. We are a customer for refurbished DNA analysis instruments. We have always been very satisfied with the quality and performance of the various instruments that AME Bioscience have supplied."

Dr. Ioannis Papoulidis

Micropathology Ltd,UK

"We have worked with AME Bioscience as a customer. We are very satisfied with the quality and performance of the instruments we have purchased and have found AME Bioscience helpful and straightforward to work with."

Dr Sarah Ball

Fasteris, Switzerland

"We have worked with AME Bioscience as a customer for refurbished instruments. We have always been very satisfied with the quality and performance of the instruments we have purchased."

Dr. Laurent Farinelli

GRI, Czech Republic

"Over the years we have relied on AME Bioscience supply of premium refurbished analysis instruments. We have always been satisfied with the quality and performance of the equipment we have purchased as well as the high expertise and level of support and service provided by AME."

Assoc Prof. Marek Minarik

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