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Individual and

Near Point of Care


Covid-19 Testing

Is Rapid Covid-19 testing closer to the community required?

Many products have been introduced to detect covid-19. 

We are based in Norway. We have recently partnered with some innovative technology companies.

The so-called gold standard for covid-19 detection is a PCR based test. 

It appears to offer the best sensitivity and specificity.


Challenges for speed of testing in specific situations remain, such as patients coming in for 

  • emergency operations

  • patients coming to hospital in ambulances

  • health centre waiting rooms

  • accident and emergency waiting rooms 

  • plus many more examples.


Most systems are set up for high throughput with results available for patients within 24 - 72 hours. The systems generally used require expensive instrumentation and dedicated bioengineers are required to operate them. Speed of analysis and sample preparation can be a limitation when results are needed quickly.


Innovation comes from challenging situations.

Point of Care, Near Point of Care and portable Rapid PCR based systems are now available for covid-19 testing.


We have partnered with companies that offer systems for:

- individual PCR based testing 

- near point of care

- portable systems.


If you would like to find out more please click the link below:

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