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ABI 3900 DNA / RNA Synthesizer. 

The instruments are totally re-built and as new.

Location - USA

The system includes:

- 3900 Syntesizer

- PC with software

ABI 3900s are the most robust synthesizer on the market, but when they are sold used they’re usually pretty “clogged up”. Our partner at Certified Scientific Instruments ensure not only that they are cleaned inside and out, but also upgrade them before sale. Here are highlights of the work we put in to each of these instruments to make them end-user ready:

  • Removal and subsequent cleaning of each internal fitting to ensure instrument has no residual particles

  • Cleaning of all fittings and removable parts

  • Replacement of tubing with medical-grade and Peek tubing, as is appropriate to maximize efficient dispense and lifespan

  • Replacement of all bottle seals with Kalrez gaskets – a high quality, proprietary compound made by Dupont that is considerably more expensive than gaskets that any other company will install, and we find their value to far exceed any other compound. Their longevity means fewer things leak, maintenance is required less often, and the machine remains running for a longer period of time.

  • Upgrade Valve Array with bottom-dispensing Bürkert valves, allowing for crisper, safer dispensing. The Valves are more durable than Biochem valves, and carry a 2-year warranty

  • Upgrade column ring with patented O-ring and 4-seal screw version, allowing for a more uniform and reliable positive seal

  • Upgrade software to allow independent use of all 14 amidite positions, increasing versatility as needed. Software comes with a computer upgrade that includes windows 7 and dual-hard drives allowing for hot switching in case of emergency.

Customers said

ATG Labs, Greece

"ATG Labs and AME Bioscience have worked together for many years. We are a customer for refurbished DNA analysis instruments. We have always been very satisfied with the quality and performance of the various instruments that AME Bioscience have supplied."

Dr. Ioannis Papoulidis

Micropathology Ltd,UK

"We have worked with AME Bioscience as a customer. We are very satisfied with the quality and performance of the instruments we have purchased and have found AME Bioscience helpful and straightforward to work with."

Dr Sarah Ball

Fasteris, Switzerland

"We have worked with AME Bioscience as a customer for refurbished instruments. We have always been very satisfied with the quality and performance of the instruments we have purchased."

Dr. Laurent Farinelli

GRI, Czech Republic

"Over the years we have relied on AME Bioscience supply of premium refurbished analysis instruments. We have always been satisfied with the quality and performance of the equipment we have purchased as well as the high expertise and level of support and service provided by AME."

Assoc Prof. Marek Minarik

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